- Smitten With Krabi's Charms
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Smitten With Krabi's Charms

Last update: 07/12/2017
By Remar Nordin

KRABI (Bernama) -- Sun, sand and sea. Add to that craggy, sheer limestone cliffs and more than a hundred picturesque offshore islands and what you get is the estuarine town of Krabi in southern Thailand.

It also boasts inviting beaches such as the one in Phra Nang that was ranked 55th among the world's best 100 beaches by CNN earlier this year.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Krabi and other towns when I joined the Johor Media Club's Zeromile Tour programme to southern Thailand.

The objective of our five-day, four-night trip was to write about the region's tourism products that seem to lure hordes of tourists from all parts of the world and how Malaysia can take a leaf out of their book.

Our trip to Thailand by coach started at the zero kilometre mark in front of the Johor Bahru City Council building at Jalan Dato' Onn at night. Most of us dozed off as our bus made its way to the immigration complex at Bukit Kayu Hitam in Kedah, more than 800km away.....


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