- Stepping Up Against The Lives Auctioned In Libya
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Stepping Up Against The Lives Auctioned In Libya

Last update: 27/11/2017
By Harun Yahya

Adnan Oktar, best known by his pen-name Harun Yahya, is an influential Turkish spiritual leader, author, and opinion shaper who has written 300-books which has been translated into 73 languages and read by millions of people, exerting considerable influence on both Muslims and non-Muslims all over the world.

He has been ranked in leading strategic studies and in the 'The 500 Most Influential Muslims' as one of the most prominent and influential opinion shapers in the Turkish - Islamic world. He is widely known for his book 'Atlas of Creation' which has been discussed in the European Council and, for the last couple of years, made him the focus of the media and the Parliaments of European countries. Harun Yahya websites have 20 million monthly visitors, from 167 countries.

ISTANBUL (Bernama) -- Just when we thought that the cruelty and inhumanity of the last couple of centuries was nothing more than a bad memory and that we were now safe from such horrors, CNN uncovered the harrowing story of African migrants being sold as slaves on the Internet.

A grainy cell phone video showed an African man in his twenties being auctioned off by an unseen person. The unknown auctioneer claims that the candidates are strong boys 'good for farm work.' Within minutes, the helpless men are sold to their new masters.

This video only served as a reminder that slavery is not a thing of a bygone era. As a matter of fact, according to a recent report, there are 36 million slaves around the world today. Although richer countries seem to be less affected by this menace, no country out of the 167 surveyed came out completely free of contamination.

According to the report, the worst offenders are India, China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Russia while the West African nation of Mauritania has the highest prevalence, as almost 4% of its population is in bondage. Even in the United States, it is noted that there are currently 60,000 slaves.....


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