- Rightful Freedom Of Women And 21st Century
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Rightful Freedom Of Women And 21st Century

Last update: 21/11/2017
By Harun Yahya

Adnan Oktar, best known by his pen-name Harun Yahya, is an influential Turkish spiritual leader, author, and opinion shaper who has written 300-books which has been translated into 73 languages and read by millions of people, exerting considerable influence on both Muslims and non-Muslims all over the world.

He has been ranked in leading strategic studies and in the 'The 500 Most Influential Muslims' as one of the most prominent and influential opinion shapers in the Turkish - Islamic world. He is widely known for his book 'Atlas of Creation' which has been discussed in the European Council and, for the last couple of years, made him the focus of the media and the Parliaments of European countries. Harun Yahya websites have 20 million monthly visitors, from 167 countries.

ISTANBUL (Bernama) -- In the recent weeks the world of art, especially Hollywood, was shaken by one of the greatest scandals in its modern history. Eighty women have come forward, one after the other, with claims about sexual harassment against the famous producer Harvey Weinstein who had 81 Oscar wins. Long-standing rumours took a far more complicated turn when stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Rose McGowan entered the picture.

No doubt, the truth of these allegations will emerge only after the legal process but these allegations have turned the attention of the world once again to the repressed lives women have been forced to live.

Many may think of these events as the natural result of the moral degeneracy of Hollywood, sometimes standing out with scandals but this problem is not limited to Hollywood in the US. According to the statistics, one in every five women in the United States is sexually assaulted at least once in their lives; the same statistics also revealed that some women were sold by human traffickers to be used in the sex industry.

Again the same statistics state that 380,000 women are sexually assaulted every year, in other words one woman every 98 seconds. When we consider those who refrain from coming forward due to possible reactions, this number is estimated to reach one million. The aforementioned data shows that 13 per cent of these women attempted suicide after the assault. In summary, even in the United States, which is known to be the cradle of democracy, women are being forced to live under the pressure of men in every aspect of life.....


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