- There Is More Than Crocodiles In Batang Lupar
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There Is More Than Crocodiles In Batang Lupar

Last update: 10/11/2017

A boat ride in Maludam National Park Foto Bernama
By Aishah Mohmad Afandi

SERI AMAN (Sarawak) (Bernama) -- Mention Batang Lupar, one will recall how it made headlines after a giant man eating crocodile named 'Bujang Senang' terrorrised villagers living along the river in the 1990s.

Hence, it's not surprising that my editor told me to ?Come back home safely? when she informed me that I would be heading to one of the remote parts of Sarawak for a four day-three night excursion programme "Kembara Batang Lupar 2017".

Being a millennial, I joked with my friends that even if I survive the crocodiles in Batang Lupar, I may not survive Sarawak\'s interiors without Internet connection to the outside world!

Thankfully, things were not as bad as I thought. The trip was actually not solely about the river but it is about the Batang Lupar Parliamentary constituency. The constituency, as big as the state of Negeri Sembilan in Peninsula, has 15 districts and holds vast eco-tourism and economic potential.


The night before the programme started the participants were briefed on trip over land and rivers. We made 18 stops to see the constituency\'s rich cultural and natural heritage, and its economic and infrastructure development.

A worker with the jellyfish to be processed for export Foto Bernama

The fact that we were told there were 70 crocodiles per kilometre stretch of the river compared with seven in the Amazon in South America sent chills down my spine.....


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