- Kulim Innovation To Enhance Reuse Of Rainwater
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Kulim Innovation To Enhance Reuse Of Rainwater

Last update: 08/11/2017

The rainwater filter created by MPKK staff Foto Bernama
By Shanika Abdul Latib

KULIM (Bernama) -- An innovative product created by the Kulim Municipal Council (MPKK) to purify rainwater holds good prospects for the reuse of rainwater for various domestic purposes.

Their Keep Free (K-Free) filter has proven to be effective in removing impurities from rainwater, thus rendering the water suitable for non-drinking uses like watering the garden and washing cars, and even for washing dishes and flushing toilets.

The filter entails a simple design and can be easily installed in existing rainwater harvesting and reuse systems.

Developed by MPKK's Innovative and Creative Group - whose members are involved in carrying out research into green practices - the K-Free filter-installed rainwater harvesting system has great potential to yield sustainable water management practices.

Not only will it be able to ease existing pressure on treated water resources, it will also keep in check rainwater run-offs into drains and rivers, thus reducing the occurrence of flash floods and pollution risks.....


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