- Beautiful And Challenging Climb Up Mt Kinabalu
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Beautiful And Challenging Climb Up Mt Kinabalu

Last update: 12/10/2017
By Emin Madi

RANAU (Bernama) -- Sometime in October 2015 when the construction of two new trails leading to the peak of Mount Kinabalu was underway, Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun gave his assurance that the routes would certainly be "beautifully challenging".

As this writer found out earlier this year when he was invited by Sabah Parks to try out the new trails, the climb was, indeed, beautifully challenging. In fact, it was so challenging he had to quit halfway while making the ascent because, being 67 years old, he simply could not cope with scaling the steep slope.

It was raining and very windy that particular day and the writer struggled to climb every step while clinging on tightly to the rope for support.

However, as promised, the views were breathtaking as one of the new trails was located on higher elevation compared with the old trail where climbers only saw forest and rocky plateau.

The 2.97-kilometre Ranau trail and 2.8 km Kota Belud trail were constructed to replace the old single trail leading to the summit of Mt Kinabalu as it was severely damaged after a 6.0 magnitude tremor struck Ranau and the mountain's western side on June 5, 2015, killing 18 climbers and guides, including children.....


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