- Chinese Get Ready For The Tomb Sweeping Day
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Chinese Get Ready For The Tomb Sweeping Day

Last update: 02/04/2015

Families gather at the graves of their ancestors Foto Bernama
By Lum Ka Kay

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- It's that time of the year again where the Chinese get to the cemeteries to pay respect to their ancestors.

The sight of the families armed with brooms, spades, and hoes cleaning the graves, and giving offerings for the departed souls indicate the arrival of the Qing Ming Festival.

The festival is observed every April 5, that falls this Sunday, by the Chinese to commemorate their ancestors. However, the grave visits start 10 days before and even continues after the day.

Qing Ming literally means 'tomb sweeping day'. On the day, family members will be seen sweeping and weeding their ancestors graves and touch up headstone inscriptions. They also burn incense sticks and make food and paper offerings - all in the name of paying homage to the departed souls.

The array of paper offerings in the form of luxury cars, bungalows and even currency notes tell the extent that the families are willing to go in ensuring a comfortable afterlife for the departed family members.....


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