- When The Army Field Hospital Was The Saviour In Manek Urai
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When The Army Field Hospital Was The Saviour In Manek Urai

Last update: 26/01/2015

Borhanuddin being treated at the field hospital in Manik Urai Foto Bernama
By Ali Imran Mohd Noordin

KUALA KRAI (Bernama) -- After cleaning the mess in his house caused by the recent floods, Borhanuddin Mahmud, 66, of Kampung Manek Urai Baru with his muddied clothing set off on his motorcycle to his elder sister's house who lived about a kilometre away.

As he was riding on the mud and debris covered road, Borhanuddin lost control of his motorcycle at a four corner junction and fell. He was injured in his legs and back and he needed medical attention.

The people who came to his assistance were at a loss because the Kuala Krai Hospital is a long distance away and the nearby Manek Urai Health Clinic was not functioning as it was being used as a flood relief centre.

Then someone thought why not take him to the army field hospital operating at the compound of Sekolah Kebangsaan Manek Urai Baru, opposite the health clinic, and sure enough the field hospital saved the day for Borhanuddin.

As soon as he arrived at the school gates, seeing his injuries the armed forces personnel immediately wheeled him to the treatment room.....


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