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Breaking Fast And Breaking Norms

By Sakina Mohamed


Cambridge (ENGLAND) (Bernama) -- I had always imagined that if ever I were to buka puasa in a university overseas, it would be with other Muslim students or fellow Malaysians.

The reality was, however, far different. Never had I imagined that one of the most memorable buka  puasa of my life would be one prepared entirely by non-Muslim friends, some of whom I had barely known for two weeks.

Even a month after my arrival at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge for my press fellowship, I had yet to meet another Muslim, Malaysian or not, from whom I could seek advice for Ramadan preparation.  I would later find out that the number of Malaysian Muslims in Cambridge was small and scattered throughout the 31 constituent colleges in the university town. 

The first buka puasa event I went to was hosted by the college's Muslim Student Association. I met Theology students Jess Tan and Christian Ford at the event. They are both of Christian faith but Ford, interestingly, says that he is also a pluralist. He enjoys engaging in the acts of worship of other religions - even joining the maghrib congregational prayers before our buka puasa meal. In fact, from our conversations, it sounded as though he had gone to terawih prayers at the mosque even more regularly than I have.

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Fake News Keeps Haunting Malaysians

By Ali Imran Mohd Noordin

CYBERJAYA  (Bernama) -- Fraud through the Internet including fake news continues to haunt Malaysians as more and more people having been falling into the trap of cybercrime since 2016.

CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM) through its official complaints centre Cyber999 has divided the reports on cybercrime into nine categories,  namely content-related, cyber harassment, denial of service, fraud, intrusion, intrusion attempt, malicious code, spam and vulnerabilities.

Out of 2,977 reported incidents from January to April this year, cyber fraud recorded the highest number of incidents with 1,963 cases followed by malicious code (390), intrusion (339), content-related (100), cyber harassment (88), spam (37), intrusion attempt (34), vulnerabilities  (21) and denial of service (five).

Idle Land Development Yields Success Stories

By Kurniawati Kamarudin

The vast tracts of agricultural land abandoned by their owners due to old age or other reasons are a matter of concern. If put to good use, its output can help the nation to slash its yearly food import bill that now runs into billions of ringgit.

This final of a four-part series of articles tracks the experiences of two people who have successfully rehabilitated their idle land.


TEMERLOH (Bernama) -- Shahrizal Salleh's two-hectare plot of land in Kampung Paya Jejawi here, that has been lying idle for five years, is now thriving with 250 young coconut and 2,000 banana trees planted there.

Cultivated a year ago, the 'berangan' bananas will be ripe for harvesting by September while it will take another three to four years before the yellow Malayan coconuts can be harvested.

Previously overrun by unsightly weed, bushes and undergrowth, the plot's transformation was made possible through the Department of Agriculture's (DoA) Idle Land Development programme, an initiative it introduced in 2007 to encourage landowners to utilise land that has been left unused for agricultural purposes.


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