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Vricon data identifies exact location of 911 callers

Last update: 12/10/2018

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 12 (Bernama) -- Vricon through its 3D Surface Model data will help 911 tele-communicators to be more precised in identifying locations of callers.

The provider of geodata and 3D visualization solutions in a statement said, by more precisely locating callers, first responders can save precious time.

The callers are either who are in multi-level structures or sprawling apartment complexes where one address may include several buildings.

Virginia-based Vricon has recently announced a new contract to support the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) Regional 9-1-1 Program.

The NCTCOG purchased Vricon 3D Surface Model data for over US$1 million (RM4.15 million) to cover a thirteen-county region spanning 10,000 square miles in north-central Texas. (1US$ = RM4.15)

Vricon Chief Executive Officer, Magnus Brege said the capability will enable local governments to best serve their communities by preparing police officers or firefighters to respond swiftly with accurate scene visualizations to guide them.

The contract represents Vricon’s first purchase by a regional government entity, as well as the first contract specifically supporting 911 tele-communicators and emergency responders

The Public Safety Answering Points will use custom dispatch mapping products – the 9-1-1 Addressing Authorities will leverage the 3D data for sub-addressing purposes and identifying multi-level structures.

According to the regional 9-1-1 GIS Manager, Rodger Mann, the data will be used to aid emergency responses to 911 calls and enhance public safety.

Mann added that emergency responders also plan to use the 3D data to analyze potential  future scenarios that could affect the area, such as flooding. More details on




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