- CarBengkel's App Sets┬ Out┬ To┬ Solve┬ Motoring┬ woes
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CarBengkel's App Sets┬ Out┬ To┬ Solve┬ Motoring┬ woes

Last update: 16/06/2015
KUALA LUMPUR, June 16 (Bernama) -- Malaysian startup CarBengkel has built an application (app) for motorists to spend less time looking for a service centre to repair or do regular maintenance of their vehicle at affordable prices.

"Most households do not set aside a budget for car maintenance as they do for other expenses, but it needs to be done to ensure the vehicle's optimal performance," Founder and Managing Director Armin Baniaz said in a statement.

He said motorists can use CarBengkel's quotations from workshops and choose one that fits their budget.

"This way, motorists will be able to estimate the cost of maintaining their vehicle and may even avoid being cheated by unscrupulous service centre operators," he said.

Motorists can also use the CarBengkel mobile app to send an SOS alert to a nearby workshop when their vehicle breaks down in unfamiliar territory.....


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