Kremlin Denies Having "Compromising Materials" On Trump

MOSCOW, Jan 11 (Bernama) -- The Kremlin on Wednesday denied that it has "compromising materials" on US President-elect Donald Trump, saying that the "fake claims" are another attempt to harm Russia-US relations, China's Xinhua news agency reported.

"Such information is nothing but an absolute fantasy," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

US media have reported that Moscow allegedly has compromising materials on Trump.

Trump Wednesday dismissed the claim, branding it as "a total political witch hunt" in a tweet.

Meanwhile, 10 US senators on Tuesday introduced a bill proposing a set of new sanctions against Russia, particularly targeting the Russian oil and gas sector.

On this move, the Kremlin spokesman said the new sanctions, if adopted, would hit global economy and global energy market, warning US lawmakers to address the situation "sensibly and soberly."

The United States, the European Union and some of their allies have imposed several rounds of sanctions against Russia for the country's alleged involvement in the Ukraine crisis.