A Better Performance From Harimau Malaya - Vingada

MELAKA, Aug 23 (Bernama) -- Although Malaysia failed to register their first win, head coach Nelo Vingada was optimistic that his boys had an improved performance when facing a tough Syria team in a friendly match tonight, compared to their last game against Lebanon in June.

Vingada said failure to achieve a first win after a 1-2 lost to Syria and another 1-2 to Lebanon doesn't mean the team failed to perform well and the players just need more time to improve their game.

"We only have practiced for five days in Melaka, from my observation during the training here there are some improvement and players are beginning to show changes compared to previous training and matches.

"No matter what happens and even though we lost tonight, that doesn't mean the team has not improved, my basic observation I can say there is a lot of improvement compared to the match against Lebanon," he told reporters after the friendly match against Syria at the Hang Jebat Stadium here tonight.

Speaking about the game tonight, Vingada said his team had control in the first half and early second half of the game, but two last minute goals just ripped the heart of his hardworking team.

The Portugese said he and his team will start looking for new players this weekend in preparation to face Hong Kong in the Asia AFC Cup qualifying match 2019 scheduled on Sept 5.