Following the English translation of the transcript of the policy address by
Prime Minister and UMNO President Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at the 2016 UMNO
General Assembly at Dewan Merdeka, Putra World Trade Centre, today, Thursday Dec



1 to 5. Praise be to Allah (God Almighty).


Ladies and Gentlemen,

6. This year is the 13th time that I am standing at the podium on the stage in
this historic and august hall, five years as the UMNO Deputy President and eight
years as the President.

7. I speak not only as the Party President, or the Prime Minister, but more
importantly in my personal capacity, as Najib Razak, as a Malay, as a Muslim, as
a Bumiputera and as a son of Malaysia.

Before that, ladies and gentlemen,

8. What we have lost in Pagoh, we have gained in Bagan Datoh. Today, we applaud
Dato' Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the Deputy Prime Minister, and Vice-President
who is discharging the duties of the Deputy President.

9. That which is no more in Semporna, we have in Sembrong. We have also Dato'
Seri Hishammuddin, a person who is loyal and not arrogant.

10. Ladies and gentlemen, I am confident that the Pagoh and Semporna UMNO
divisions, as a whole, will continue to be loyal and stand by solidly with the
existing party and government leadership.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

11.In fact, over the past several months, faced with various challenges at the
party and government level with relentless assaults by the opposition, I was
thinking deeply about the approach I should take for my speech at this
meaningful gathering.

12.When I met many people in the process of preparing this speech, I received
many suggestions, one of which was that I should no longer be a gentleman and
gentle ... instead I should be more stern, counter the allegations and insults
and strike back hard against the various parties including Dr Mahathir and his

However, brothers and sisters, patience ... patience is a part of faith ...

13. The more that I pondered the suggestions, I felt that it would be better to
take the noble path by adhering to the message from the Prophet to his wife
Saida-tina Aisyah, to be gentle with your words, even with your enemies.

14. More so with the noble qualities of the Malays, as depicted in the poem of
National Laureate Usman Awang and Malay-Riau Laureate Tenas Affendy.

Melayu itu orang yang bijaksana,
Budi bahasanya tidak terkira,
Kurang ajarnya masih beralas dan bersantun,
Kalau berkelahi biarlah cara Melayu,
Kalau menikam pula, pun dengan berpantun,
Walau menyanggah dikuntum senyum.
Kalau merayu dan meminta,
Hendaklah pada yang kasih dan sudi memberi.
Mencontoh biarlah pada yang senonoh,
Berteladan pada yang sepadan.
Adil menjadi hakim,
Amanah dalam bersumpah,

Even so, ...although the Malay character rejects animosity, is loyal and very
patient ... he will never concede defeat despite the severe dangers that he


Ladies and Gentlemen,

15. So,... if last year, I chose to be today's speech...I will
take the stand and attitude of a mature leader.

16.As the saying goes, we must be above them and not to bring ourselves down to
their level.

17. What is important, I will say in all honesty, is that every issue faced by
the leadership and the party, must be jointly understood and discussed.

18. All problems can be resolved.

19.All that we have done ... for the sake of the Malays, Muslims, Bumiputeras
and UMNO's continuity in building a civilisation, has succeeded and has been
acknowledged not just in this world but also in the next, God willing.

20. Our Prohphet Muhammad was chased, ridiculed, and had stones thrown at him
by the people of Thoif, and he suffered injuries because of them.

21.So much so that the Angel Gabriel who looked after the mountains, became
angry and asked the Prophet's permission to bring disaster to Thoif and its
people for all that they had done to the Prophet.

22.However, so gracious was he, the Prophet chose to be patient and was more
concerned about spreading the message of good and developing the people rather
than revenge.

23.In the present context, with humility, as a servant of Allah and an ordinary
person, who has feelings, I am aware that there is a small number of people who
insult me children, wife and family...and what is sadder still,
they condemn our beloved party, UMNO...and the Government in general.

24. In my opinion, I do not need to waste time or energy entertaining these
irresponsible traitors to the people and nation.

25.Here we have to understand, the accusations and lies that have been created,
and hurled against me and my leadership, as well as the present Government, the
political issues, GST, rationalisation of the subsidies, 1MDB and the cost of
living...most of it have been answered clearly and we are trying to resolve.

26. What is more important to me and the Government leadership is to perform a
bigger jihad, we choose to focus 100 per cent of our efforts on moving forward,
improving the national economy and development, for the sake of the 31 million
people in Malaysia.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

27. Praise be to Allah, with his permission, the Government led by UMNO and its
component parties have had success after success and recorded an outstanding

28.For instance, through the National Transformation Policy, despite facing the
global economic gloom, Praise be to God ... the GDP in the third quarter of the
2016 ... Malaysia continued to record a GDP growth of 4.3 per cent and we are
confident that our target of 4 to 4.5 per cent in 2017 will be achieved, God

29. At the core of it, all these successes were due to a culture of a strong
team spirit among the party leadership and in the Government.

30.Here, I want to record my appreciation to YAB Dato Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid
Hamidi who, in his speech, expressed his loyalty to me and gave good advice to
the Wanita, Youth and Puteri, two nights ago.

Give him a round of applause.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

31.On the principle of wala, to my understanding, it means
love...loyalty,...which must be given to a legitimate leader...or in the context
of UMNO,... to its President,... while in the context of the the
Prime Minister.

32.This means that, as the Ulama said...the wala is not given just to the
body, organisation or individual....but true wala is given to the institution
of the president or prime minister, which is held by a person.

33. Looking back at UMNO's journey over seven decades, the party is often
lured towards break-ups and camps.

34.However, thanks to Allah, this blessed party has been saved by Him and has
been able to endure to this day because of the principles and practices of wala
that UMNO has.

This is a great party which has always upheld the traditions and culture of the
East as well as the religion in its support of the President or Prime Minister.

For instance:

35.In the episode of the clash between Team A and Team B, during the UMNO
elections for the President in 1987. As I said in the General Assembly last
year, who was loyal to Dr Mahathir?... If not us...the members of UMNO.

36.At that time, Tengku Razaleigh was hurt by me, by my decision and that of my
team to side with Dr Mahathir. What I did was based on the principle of wala
and loyalty to the party president...although personally, I was very close to
Tengku Razaleigh and, till today, respect him.

37. The next chapter is the dark tragedy when the Kuala Lumpur High Court on
Feb 4, 1988, declared UMNO as an illegal organisation.

38.Who, at that critical time, stood strongly behind Dr Mahathir as the
president, until the new UMNO was accepted?

39. I personally went through those dark days...I was asked by the President to
mobilise the Youth machinery to get members for UMNO at all levels.

40.With God's blessings, I still remember among those who helped us then,
among them those who have passed away...including the late Tan Sri Jamaluddin
Jarjis, Datuk Hashim Safin and Datuk Sulaiman Taha.

Those who are still with us include Dato Zahid Hamidi, Dato Nazri Aziz -
Padang Rengas and Dato Md Isa Ismail - Bukit Gantang, who helped draw up the
UMNO federal and state leadership line-up within a short period of time.

41.The next episode was when the country faced the Asian financial crisis in
1997-1998. Which party and who remained loyal in supporting the decisions made
by the UMNO President. The answer is, none other than us...we are the loyal UMNO

42.However, sad to say, I personally am very disappointed, and so are you
...over what has happened now.

43.Dr Mahathir, who was a respected statesman, has now become a turncoat and
gone against a party he has helmed for decades.

44.It would not be far-fetched to say that he whom we once revered is now
involved in despicable acts, working with the DAP, the illegal BERSIH rallies,
Parti Amanah Negara, PKR and, worse, with foreign enemies like Soros whom he
once hated and asked us to hate as a currency scoundrel.

45. The truth is that he is the epitome of betrayal to UMNO, the race and the

Ladies and Gentlemen,

46. One must remember,...what happened during the era of Tun Abdullah Ahmad
Badawi. The wala' and loyalty that I, Najib Razak, gave as the party deputy
president, together with the vice-presidents, Wanita chief, Youth chief and
Puteri chief and also majority of the leaders and all UMNO members, to Pak
Lah,...not only to the person, but the institution that he upheld and held as
UMNO President and the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

47. Also,...the wala' and loyalty given to the institution that I am holding
is because of the responsibility and trust by party members and Malaysians.

48. Certainly, the wala' and loyalty must also be accepted by anyone who will
take over as the President and Prime Minister.

49. In conclusion,... the wala' and loyalty in the Malay world and culture as
well as our religion are the team spirit in a strong and cohesive line which
will not be separated from the leaders and chiefs.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

50. On the history of the formation of Malaya and Malaysia, around the 40s and
early 50s, our country only comprised settlements, villages, small buildings,
which were not organised.

51. The Malays, especially, were not guided, had no clear direction, were
marginalised, and they were in the dark in terms of their struggle.

52. Then, at a critical and historic juncture, with the will of Allah, there
came a resurgence, the All-Malaya Malay Congress, on March 1, 1946, which
brought together as a union 41 groups of Malays to oppose the Malayan Union.

53. Then, as fated, on May 11, 1946, Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu or
PEKEMBAR was formed.

54. This led to the official formation of an organisation, namely UMNO. In
fact, the formation of this sacred party more than 70 years ago became a focal
point in history and the beginning of a mass movement for the Malays, by making
UMNO as their centre,...platform,....and vehicle,... as the driver of progress
and development and builder of a nation state in a union with the consent of the
Malay Rulers.

55. Ladies and gentlemen, I take this opportunity, on behalf of the UMNO which
continues to glorify the institution of the Malay Rulers, to express the highest
gratitude to the 14th Yang di-Pertuan Agong who will complete his term on Dec
12. At the same time, UMNO congratulates Sultan Muhammad V, who was elected by
the Conference of Rulers as the new Yang di-Pertuan Agong, effective Dec 13,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

56. Other people can say anything about UMNO, but only Allah, the most just,
will be the judge in the hereafter, of how this blessed party championed the
interests of the Malays and Bumiputeras.

57. As all of you know,...every year, the UMNO General Assembly will be the
stage to discuss and debate various resolutions for the continuation of the
agenda of a party.

58. I know,...many can feel the heat of the assembly this time, that is to
accept the pledges in preparation to fight in the election battlefield soon.

59. Even so, by learning from history and human civilisation, according to the
intellectuals and strategy experts,...any preparation for battle need not
necessarily come with the sharpening of weapons to attack the opponents.

60. Victory or defeat and the strength of a command does not rest solely on the
number of troops or weapons.

61. In fact, the word 'quwwah', in surah Al-Anfal verse 60, refers to a more
important preparation than the physical preparation, namely preparing a strong
front, being united in a cohesive bond, arming oneself with war strategies and
mental strength, because that is the real strength to unite the ummah.

62. That is the secret and amulet for us to use before the battle. Always
remember that even though we are right, without a structured strategy or if we
are disunited, we will be defeated by the opponents.

63. Although they are weak in position and numbers, they are cohesive and
coordinated in their plans and action.

64. Therefore, what must we do? The answer,...proving to the people our
credibility and ability to spur the pace of the country, sowing discretion and
deeds to the people across the racial and religion borders to develop Malaysia.

65. UMNO, which has been leading the government since independence, has been
not just an organisation for the Malays and Bumiputeras, but UMNO's struggle
has proven to be inclusive to ensure the interests and rights of other races so
that none will be marginalised....indeed, UMNO has fulfilled far more than its duty for its members, and has
gone beyond in justifying its purpose to the rakyat and the country, and no one
will be left behind... namely,... not just fulfilling, but has passed the
objectives and philosophy of its founding, as a massive mass movement that is
UMNO - The Driver of National Transformation, which is the theme of this speech.