Danajamin Issues Its Inaugural Tier-2 Subordinated Sukuk

Last update: 06/10/2017

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 6 (Bernama) -- Danajamin Nasional Berhad ("Danajamin"), the country's first Financial Guarantee Insurer, issued its inaugural Tier-2 Subordinated Sukuk as part of its Capital Management Plan.

The Subordinated Sukuk issuance of RM500 million is part of a Sukuk Programme of up to RM2.0 Billion for the Issuance of Senior and Subordinated Sukuk Murabahah. The Subordinated Sukuk will have a tenure of 10 years, with a callable option made available from year 5 onwards and is rated AA1 by RAM Rating Services Bhd and AA+ by Malaysian Rating Corporation Berhad.

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