IoT, BDA Assist Government In Building Customer Insight - Ali

Last update: 05/10/2017

Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa gets acquainted with the participants of the Public Sector CIO Convex themed 2017 Digital Transformation: Forging Public Sector Digital Future at Perbadanan Putrajaya Thursday.
PUTRAJAYA, Oct 5 (Bernama) -- The Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data Analytics (BDA) play an important role in assisting the government in building customer insight, especially in areas such as business, education, healthcare and social welfare, said Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa.

He said one of the major challenges faced by the government was in understanding the citizens' changing needs, as well as the obstacles in obtaining the services.

Speaking at the launch of the Public Sector Chief Information Officer Convention and Exhibition (CIO Convex) 2017 here today, he said typical government institutions would very likely do the thinking on behalf of the citizens, but would usually align their decision with their static vision, missions and client charters.

"As a result, what is being delivered is not what the citizens expect. Hence, the investments made will not be bringing value for money," he said.

Ali pointed out that it was crucial for government institutions to engage with the citizens, adding that it was one of the five areas highlighted in the United Nations E-Government Development Index, which stated that citizens should be informed of and be involved in various government decision.

He called on CIOs to be proactive and be on the lookout for potential digital initiatives that would benefit their agencies, as they were instrumental in determining the strategic direction of information and communications technology development in their respective agencies.

"It is extremely crucial to be ahead of time," he said, adding that CIOs were also responsible in harmonising the role of information technology (IT) and non-IT professionals to build an effective working relationship.