Energy-Generation: Govt To Ensure Balanced Mix Between Fossil Fuels, Renewal Energy

Last update: 04/10/2017

PUTRAJAYA, Oct 4 (Bernama) -- The government will ensure that the ratio of the sources of energy-generation mix is properly balanced between fossil fuels and renewal energy to ensure that the rakyat enjoys electricity tariff at low rates.

Secretary-General of Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry (KeTTHA), Datuk Seri Zaini Ujang, said compared to other countries, Malaysia has several energy sources - coal, natural gas and hydro and solar energy.

"In order to have cheaper tariff compared to our neighbouring countries, we have multiple sources of energy such as coal to buffer the pricing. Other countries are not doing that and as a result they are paying probably double than us," he said at briefing on Tenaga Nasional Bhd's Manjung 5 plant.

Currently, coal is still the largest fuel used in electricity generation in Peninsular Malaysia, accounting for 52 per cent of total fuels.

Meanwhile, Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Johnity Ongkili, said the government aimed to achieve the target of 50 per cent renewable energy generation by 2050 compared with about 22 per cent today.....