Pagoh UMNO Matured Politics Should Be Accepted, Respected By All - Ahmad Zahid

Last update: 12/08/2017

MUAR, Aug 12 (Bernama) -- Matured politics displayed by Pagoh UMNO should be accepted and respected not only by Johor UMNO leadership, but also by UMNO leadership nationwide, says UMNO vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Ahmad Zahid, who is Deputy Prime Minister, said he understood that Pagoh UMNO was facing a difficult time, with some members still being nostalgic over the former leader who had contributed so much for the division.

"Under the leadership of acting leader, Ismail Mohamad, Pagoh UMNO had succeeded in transforming the political mindset of the people in the constituency, especially among UMNO members and leaders," he said when opening Pagoh UMNO Division Delegates Conference at the Seri Pekembar Complex here today.

Also present was Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin.

Ahmad Zahid, who is assuming the duties of UMNO deputy president, said his presence in Pagoh was to discharge his duties entrusted by the party to revive UMNO in Pagoh and make it relevant again.

"Some of us are still being nostalgic and in denial, so I'm here to change their perception from negative to positive," he said.

Ahmad Zahid said having an obsession with a particular leader should not happen because UMNO members should be more loyal to and obsess with the organisation as one's political life differed according to situation.

He said UMNO members should also learn the lesson from the situation back in 1988, which saw a major separation in the party due to members' obsession with a particular leader.

"We are here today not because of our obsession with a particular leader, even if he is no longer in he party, but because of our obsession with our organisation, our party, UMNO. This is the matured politics displayed by Pagoh UMNO members," he said.

Besides, Ahmad Zahid also reminded UMNO members to work harder to win the hearts of the people in the constituency, regardless of their race and religion, in a bid to win Pagoh parliamentary seat.

"InsyaAllah, we will rise again as a political entity accepted by all, not only the people in Johor, but across the country," he added.