Level Of Multi-Ethnic, Religious, Cultural Integration At 80 Pct - Deputy Chairman

Last update: 14/09/2017

SERDANG, Sept 13 (Bernama) -- Despite numerous assumptions, the level of multi-ethnic, religious and cultural integration in the country has actually reached 80 per cent, says Distinguished Professor Datuk Dr Shamsul Amri Baharuddin.

The deputy chairman of the National Professors Council (MPN) said the integration covered aspects of culture, food, education and economy.

He said the matter was as though it was not certified and well-known and not given attention because people were only focused on achieving unity.

"Integration is usually generated unconsciously, for example in cultures and food where there is mutual borrowing, people no longer question whose culture it is or the food belonged to which race.

"The problem is that many people do not want to acknowledge the truth," he said referring to the findings of the study by the Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA), in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).....