Japanese Minesweeping Mother Ship Arrives In Malaysia For Three-day Goodwill Visit

PORT KLANG, March 12 (Bernama) -- The Japanese Minesweeping mother ship, the JS Uraga (MST-463) arrived in South Port here today for a three-day goodwill visit to Malaysia.

The vessel from the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (MSDF) Minesweeper Division 51 was accompanied by minesweeper, JS Takashima (MSC-603) which is designed to counter the threat posed by naval mines.

The commanding officer of both vessels, Captain Toshihiro Takaiwa who leads more than 170 crew members on board, said the mine warships arrived at Port Klang for a goodwill visit and replenishment before taking part in a United States-led mine countermeasures exercise in the Middle East.....