Singapore Diary: Can Sugar Relationships Be As Sweet As One Thinks

Last update: 07/02/2018

By Massita Ahmad

Massita Ahmad, Bernama's correspondent in Singapore shares her stories from across the Causeway.

SINGAPORE (Bernama) -- Like everything else in the age of internet, finding love and companionship too has become so easy these days. The numerous dating and matrimonial websites have united countless men and women in partnerships or matrimony.

However, the thesugarbook.com dating site promises something different. The Malaysian based platform founded by Darren Chan promotes 'sugar relationship', where love and companionship are exchanged for money and support.

Hence, a wealthy man or woman can become the sugar daddy or sugar mommy respectively by providing money and support for young women or men, the sugar babies, in exchange for love and companionship.

Though such liaisons were frowned in the past, going by the numbers garnered by the website, it is obvious many are open to the idea of finding love and companionship in exchange of financial support.

In Singapore alone, the site has witnessed 20,000 signups since starting operations in Dec 2016, the second biggest group behind Malaysia.....