Worry Not Of The Election Date, But What Has Been Delivered To You

Last update: 08/09/2017

By Ravindran Raman Kutty

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- The 14th General Elections (GE14) is causing so much buzz and anxiety among Malaysians from all walks of life. Everywhere I go, the first question I get is, "When is the GE14?"

The GE14 will certainly take place. No doubt about it. It will take place before April 2018. Trust me. But my question is not about when the elections will be. It is about are we being really served accordingly by the elected representatives or even the local councillors?

I certainly feel that the service level rendered by the elected members of the assembly is not up to the expectations of the people. I am neither separating the opposition from the ruling party, nor am I being biased. I certainly feel that more can be done if we reduce the politics and start working with the people's interest at heart.

My strongest suggestion is to invite every politician, regardless of being a federal or state level elected member, to please go down to the field and feel the pulse of the people. I am living in a well-established urban township.

We daily deal with pot holes, faulty traffic lights and street lamps, illegal hawkers, leaking sewers, illegally hung banners and buntings and many other issues. My question is basically how many politicians are on the ground to handle such issues which are the daily bread and butter issues of the "rakyat"?

How I wish the politicians would come down daily to monitor the garbage woes of the residents. Look at the housing estates in Petaling Jaya, Kenny Hills, or Damansara Heights or anywhere - Kelantan, Trengganu or even Putrajaya?

Garden wastes are lying everywhere. Bulky wastes not collected. Illegal dumps at most of the areas especially near low cost housing areas. How I wish that the local or federal politician would make daily rounds and tackle these issues, thus putting the pressure on the local authorities and the waste management concessionaires and contractors?

Studies have shown that the Malaysian society is very concerned with issues regarding safety, environment, cost of living and transportation. Can the Ministers make daily rounds to visit the railway, LRT, MRT and ERL stations to see what is happening on the ground? Why must it be the Prime Minister making these visits? How many Ministers or local politicians have actually visited a taxi stand or bus terminal and experienced what the "rakyat" go through every day?

Or is it that they have not been reported by the media? How many politicians make surprise visits to government hospitals, markets, Road Transport Departments (JPJ's), Landfills, Waste Transfer Station, or even a school, where bullying is so rampant? I read recently more than 300 schools are now declared "hotspots" for bullying.

When will our politicians start visiting the sundry shops selling cheap liquors especially in the rural places, and put a stop to it? When will the Environment Minister drive up to Cameron Highlands, where illegal land clearing is being carried out on the weekends and in the night, and nab the irresponsible contractors in the realms of the media? Imagine how the "rakyat" will then feel towards the politician? No doubt, the rating of the politician will soar and more Malaysians will have greater respect and trust as well as support towards their leaders.

Is there a politician who has visited any market in the country on a normal day when it is not election season, in order to improve the conditions of the building as well as its tenants, and also to experience the woes of the "rakyat" in dealing with the increase in the prices of the food and basic necessities coupled with GST.....