London Diary: Teresa May Embattled But Unbowed

By Wan A. Hulaimi

LONDON (Bernama) - British Prime Minister Theresa May, embattled but unbowed, is calling for a general election on June 8 in a bid for a stronger hand in the Brexit negotiations with the European Union.

The move took the nation by surprise but was promptly backed by party stalwarts and the Labour opposition even if it so annoyed the Guardian newspaper that it called the move 'unnecessary' in its Opinion column.

She is in a strong position, Labour is demoralised, the LibDems have been consigned to near wilderness and the upstarts that caused the Conservatives much angst, the UK Independence Party (UKIP), has its almost-charismatic former leader Nigel Farage dancing with Donald Trump as his own party at home is stuck like a needle in the groove of anti anything foreign, especially the European Union.....