Public And Private Sectors Should Work Together To Combat Climate Change

Last update: 13/08/2017

By Zarul Effendi Razali KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 13 (Bernama) -- The public and private sectors should work together to address climate change, particularly by innovating affordable storage solutions for electricity generated from renewable sources.

Mellon Capital Managing Director, Head of Equity Portfolio Management Karen Wong said climate change was now among most serious issues confronting the globe and shifting towards renewable energy to produce electricity was one of the ways to counter the problem.

"Renewable energy sources cover wind farm, solar and other sources. A lot of them are very hard to predict. When you generate electricity from fossil fuel, we can actually control it (the amount of electricity generated) a little bit.

"But when you rely on the wind, you can't predict how strong the wind would be in the next 24 hours or next week. The power generator from the renewable sources (currently) are really unpredictable. You can't have a huge supply in a short period of time," she told Bernama.

Thus, Wong called for both the government and private entities to invest in the infrastructure and technological innovations related to how to make the battery storage life for generated electricity from renewable sources to last longer at an affordable price.....