Kenanga Issues First Lotte Chemical Warrants In Malaysia

Last update: 17/07/2017

KUALA LUMPUR, July 17 (Bernama) ? Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd, under its NagaWarrants umbrella brand, is issuing 11 new European style cash-settled call warrants.

This new offering will be front lined by call warrants issued over Lotte Chemical Titan Holdings Bhd shares, it said in a statement.

Lotte's initial public offering was the biggest public offering in the country since 2012.

The call warrants would be issued over the ordinary shares of 7-Eleven Malaysia Holdings Bhd, BIMB Holdings Bhd, CIMB Group Holdings Bhd, Hartalega Holdings Bhd, IJM Corporation Bhd, Karex Bhd, Lotte Chemical Titan Holdings Bhd, Muhibbah Engineering (M) Bhd, Top Glove Corporation Bhd and Westports Holdings Bhd.

These 11 structured warrants are European styled non-collateralised cash settled warrants with a seven-month tenure.