Saudi Arrests 46 Over Charges Of Incitement On Social Media

Tarikh kemaskini: 05/10/2017

RIYADH, Oct 5 (Bernama) -- Saudi Arabia arrested 46 individuals, including Qatari national, over charges of incitement on social media, China's Xinhua news agency reported citing the Saudi Press Agency on Wednesday.

The Presidency for State Security announced in a statement the arrest of 21 Saudis and one Qatari for circulating videos of incitement on social media.

It said that investigation was launched probe the purposes of their deeds that are penalised by the cybercrime act by five years in jail.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of 24 individuals for demonstration at the headquarters of Ha'il governorate after being influenced by false information on social media.

Although the ministry didn't clarify the nature of the social media posts, it highlighted that investigation launched to know their roles in the case, while search will continue for others who are involved in the case.....