Marshall Islands Appeals To Australia On Climate Change Fear

MELBOURNE, Sept 5 (Bernama) -- Marshall Islands has joined other Pacific nations in calling on Australia to reconsider its position on climate change.

The issue has dominated a UN conference on small islands developing states (SIDS) held in Samoa which wrapped up on Thursday Radio Australia reports.

The four-day meeting comes ahead of the UN secretary general's climate summit later this month, aimed at mobilising global action on climate change.

Marshall Islands' Foreign Minister Tony de Brum said Australia and other polluting nations like China, India and the United States need to "deal with the problem now".

"In our countries we have immediate need for urgent action," he told Radio Australia.

"And for the biggest emitters to keep pushing us back as if it's a problem for the future and not a current problem is very frustrating. There may be even more problems at a later time trying to fix what damage is done now if we do not make the corrections necessary."

De Brum urged the Australian Government to reconsider its stance on climate change for the sake of the atoll nations of the Pacific.

Samoa's Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele has also said that Australia, which is the biggest country in the Pacific Islands Forum, should lead the way.


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