Namibia To Recruit 2,800 Police Personnel This Year

SWAKOPMUND, NAMIBIA, July 17 (BRNAMA-NNN- NAMPA) -- Namibia's Minister of Safety and Security, Immanuel Ngatjizeko, is concerned about the slow pace of investigation of criminal cases by the Namibian Police Force and says 2,800 new members will be recruited this year to ensure there is more staff and work is done on time.

Speaking during the official opening of the Criminal Investigation Conference here Wednesday, he said: "I have been informed that cases are being reported and files are piling up because investigations are not completed.

"This shows that we are unable or not willing to complete such investigations.

"We must make sure investigations are completed on time, so that cases can be finalised for justice to prevail."

He said the nation expected the police to investigate their cases in a thorough and timely manner, and when that did not happen the people would lose faith in the police.

"For the community, success is when we solve a serious case, but without that they cannot give us any credit. Imagine a case will take for instance two or three years just for investigations," says Ngatjizeko.

On Central Intelligence investigations, he said such investigations on members of the police are also very slow. Ngatjizeko stated that police force members suspected of offences must be dealt with in a timely manner, and not be allowed to continue working with pending cases.


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