UK's Imperial War Museum To Re-open With New WW1 Objects

LONDON, July 17 (Bernama) -- The Imperial War Museum London will re-open its new First World War Galleries and transformed atrium on July 19 to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War, Xinhua news agency reported.

The Imperial War Museums (IWM), established in 1917, is partnering with the British government to commemorate the anniversary of the outbreak of WWI.

As one of the branches of IWM, IWM London has spent about 40 million pounds (US$68 million) for the new galleries and atrium.

Museum staff said that over 1,300 including never-before-seen objects will be displayed at the galleries, such as weapons, uniforms, equipment, diaries, letters, keepsakes, trinkets and photographs.

"Each of the objects will give a voice to the people who created them, used them or cared for them and reveal stories not only of destruction, suffering and loss, but endurance and innovation, duty and devotion, comradeship and love," said IWM director general Diane Lees.

Visitors can also experience the sights and sounds of a recreated "trench," with fighter planes and tanks looming above them.

"IWM London is presenting 1914 to 1918 afresh for a 21st century audience," said David Reynolds, professor of Cambridge University.

"These galleries illuminate the soldier's experiences and get us to understand the lives fo women and children on the home front and the story of a British world at war.

"They offer a chance to ponder the hard questions about why Britain fought and what was gained by all the sacrifies," Reynolds said.


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