Three Magistrates In Kenya Dismissed For Gross Misconduct

NAIROBI, July 16 (BERNAMA-NNN-KBC) -- Three magistrates in Kenya have been dismissed from service for being found in a state of chronic drunkenness while on duty, bad language and financial impropriety.

Maisiba Toyo was dismissed over what the Judges and Magistrates Board described as a blatant display of unprofessional conduct, for repeatedly carrying out his duties while drunk despite numerous warnings by the Judicial Service Commission.

Karasi Orenge was found to have illegally drawn double salary from two different government organisations for a long period and was also found to have falsified his financial records, while Sogomo Gathogo, previously based in Moyale, was found unsuitable as a result of regular and prolonged foul-mouthed rants and continued use of abusive and derogatory language, financial impropriety and lack of objectivity.

The three were part of a total of 41 judges and magistrates under scrutiny by the judges and magistrates vetting board in the eleventh announcement, with the remaining 38 passing muster.


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