Argentine President Cristina: "We Want To Deepen Our Relationship With Russia."

BUENOS AIRES, July 14 (BERNAMA-NNN-TELAM) -- President Cristina Fernandez said that Argentina "wants to deepen the relationship with Russia."

She said so during the ceremony in which several agreements were signed with that country, on the opportunity of President Vladimir Putin's visit to Buenos Aires.

Cristina and Putin headed the ceremony held at the Government House.

The Argentine President said that the agreements were very important, among them one referring to nuclear energy.

She added that it is necessary to "promote the reform of international organisms that have not provided responses to what is happening in the world, by seeking equitable solutions." "The relationship with the Russian Federation is strategic and was strengthened during the last meeting of the G20 Group. We firmly believe in multilateralism and in the need to have a world where countries do not hold double standards, because there are not several U.N. Charters or several international laws, there is only one," said the Argentine Chief of State.

She also reminded that Argentina is the regional leader "in the generation of nuclear energy with peaceful purposes." President Cristina announced that members of the delegation that came with the head of the Russian Federation will visit the Vaca Muerta non-conventional oilfields in Neuquen.

"It is the second non-conventional gas reserve and the fourth oil reserve in the world," she added.

"We, the Argentines have our own resources and apparently others are also aware of it and are trying to repeat old stories, that we Argentines have decided not to repeat, at least while I am President," Cristina stated.

Without naming them, she was referring to vulture funds that have expressed their interest in Vaca Muerta as a guarantee to their credits.

President Putin thanked the invitation to visit Argentina "and the opportunity to discuss the strategy on matters of joint interest," in a relationship he depicted as "strategic." "Both countries have a common view on world development and international life," he said.


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