— — Polis Malaysia akan mohon untuk letakkan Clare Rewcastle Brown di senarai orang dikehendaki Aseanpol dan Interpol Red Notice - Pengarah JSJ   — — Malaysian Police will apply to put Clare Rewcastle Brown on Aseanpol wanted list and Interpol Red Notice - CID Director   — — Mahkamah KL hari ini keluarkan waran tangkap terhadap pengasas Sarawak Report, Clare Rewcastle Brown atas kesalahan di bawah Seksyen 124B dan 124I Kanun Keseksaan - Pengarah JSJ   — — KL Court today issued a warrant arrest against Sarawak Report founder, Clare Rewcastle Brown for offences under section 124B amd 124I of the Penal Code - CID Director  


Archived News (24/03/2014) : Wei Feng To Spearhead Country's Challenge In Yonex-Sunrise Malaysia GP Gold

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