New Sizmek Audience Suite Delivers Unified View Of Sizmek Performance Metrics With Data From ComScore Validated Campaign Essentials(TM) Or Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings(TM)

Integration With Leading Measurement Providers Brings a Key Brand Metric to Digital Campaign Management

KUALA LUMPUR, July 17 (Bernama) -- Sizmek (Nasdaq:SZMK) today announced the availability of Sizmek Audience Suite, a tool that provides marketers with an integrated view of campaign performance measurements within the Sizmek MDX open ad management platform together with data from either of two leading measurement sources, comScore vCE® or Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings. Sizmek is now making this data available with an integrated view of multi-channel campaign performance.

The GRP (gross ratings point) metric has underpinned television audience measurement for decades, and it provides online marketers with a valuable understanding of reach and frequency. Audience Suite overlays GRP data from either comScore vCE or Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings together with Sizmek's MRC-accredited performance metrics including video completions, brand safety measures, and conversion data.

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