CAPAM : Malaysia is ready to contribute ideas and experiences with Commonwealth member countries to ensure the success of the Public-Private Partnership system

CAPAM : The 'Ops Titik' operation recorded 438 cases of abuse of petrol, diesel and petroleum gas as of Oct 14, and the goods impounded were valued at RM20.84 million

CAPAM : Commonwealth countries are considering forming a working group to improve the public service delivery system in their respective countries, says Joseph Entulu

CAPAM : Public service departments must not shy away from removing unethical and unprofessional civil service employees because they can jeopardise the entire civil service if left unchecked, says a United Nations expert

CAPAM : CAPAM Media Forum 2014 that will kick off tomorrow, aims to examine 'up-and-coming' paradigms and innovative practices within the broader Commonwealth media realm

CAPAM : Government services made online are expected to reach 90 percent next year from more than 60 per cent up to last year, says MAMPU

CAPAM : Focus must be given to revitalising civil service employees as they are the backbone and catalyst of a country's transformation programme, says the Public Service Department

CAPAM : Governments must ride on the emergence of the social media as a new avenue to communicate with the people, instead of worrying about being dominated by the citizens' voices over cyberspace

Inflation won't go up after the implementation of GST next year given the long list of zero-rated and exempted products: tax consultant

Bursa Malaysia Bhd profit before tax for Q3 ended Sept 30 up 14 pct to RM73.618 mln from RM64.456 mln for same period a year ago

The Budget 2015 will help put more money in the pockets of Malaysians and assist them in their financial spending in line with the higher cost of living, says expert

Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah to lead delegation to Beijing Apec Finance Ministers' Meeting from Oct 21-22