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  • Sunday, 04 December 2016  

By Prof Dr Jayum Jawan

ATHENS, OHIO, (Bernama) -- How can "one-man, one-vote" be translated into practice in order to ensure this principle is upheld and that there is fairness and justice in democracy? The result of the 2016 US presidential election brings to the fore this important anomaly that dogs many other democracies too.

By Sarimah Othman

KUALA LUMPUR, (Bernama) -- JOMLAUNCH, a platform to showcase innovations in the information and communications technology (ICT) and creative sector, is making a mark in unearthing bumiputera ICT talents and encouraging them to hone their skills and turn into successful technopreneurs.

By Remar Nordin

JOHOR BAHRU (Bernama) -- The increasing cost of living should make the society, especially the young people, realise the need for them to spend wisely, as well as to have savings, and not to depend too much on their saving in the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) for their old age.

By Mohd Hisham Abdul Rafar

SEREMBAN, (Bernama) -- Next week's UMNO General Assembly 2016 will be unusual, in a sense, as two two seats in the leadership line-up will be conspicuously empty.

By Hafizah Tan

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- The organising of the Bersih and Red Shirts rallies will affect the national tourism sector as it will fuel negative image and perception of Malaysia among the tourists.

By Nur Natasha Aida Ismail

SEREMBAN, (Bernama) -- Matters concerning education will be among the main issues to be raised by UMNO Negeri Sembilan at the 2016 UMNO General Assembly.

By Zalina Maizan Ngah

KUALA TERENGGANU (Bernama) -- Come the rainy season in November and December, people living in flood-prone areas like Hulu Terengganu and Kemaman shrug their shoulders and remark matter-of-factly (in their local dialect), "Biasa doh, guana-guana pong memang banjir sokmo (Am used to it, come what may floods will always happen).

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