Thailand To Consider Evacuating Its Nationals From Iraq, Libya And Israel

BANGKOK, July 17 (Bernama) -- Thailand is looking at evacuating its nationals from Iraq, Libya and Israel amid the ongoing security concerns in these countries, but yet to make any decision on whether to implement it.

"So far, there is no request from the Thai people in these countries to return," said Sek Wannamethee, the spokesperson of its Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sek Wannamethee said the decision to evacuate Thais in Baghdad (Iraq), Tripoli (Libya) and Israel due to the current unrest would be based on the risk as well as request of the Thai nationals there.

He said the Labour Ministry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant agencies would have a meeting to discuss preparations for evacuation in case it was needed.

Sek Wannamethee said there were 28,000 Thai workers in Israel, 1,450 in Tripoli and 48 in Baghdad.

Israel is currently raining missiles on the Palestinians in Gaza, who reply by launching rocket attacks on Israel, while Baghdad is facing possible attacks from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) and other rebel groups.

In Libya, the Tripoli International Airport has became a battlefield when a militia launched an attack to try to take control from a rival group, resulting in dozens of aircraft destroyed.


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