Former Thai PM Allowed To Take Vacation Abroad

BANGKOK, July 17 (Bernama) -- Former Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has received permission from the military junta to go on holiday to Europe with her son, Xinhua news agency reported.

The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has approved Yingluck's written request to travel to Europe from July 21 to Aug 10, said NCPO spokesman Col. Winthai Suvaree.

"The permission was granted because Yingluck has complied with the NCPO's orders and resisted no instructions for cooperation," Winthai said.

Yingluck has kept a low profile since her release after being shortly detained by the NCPO which staged a military coup on May 22 to oust the former government.

She and a number of political figures are not allowed to leave the country without prior permission from the NCPO.

It is widely speculated that she will attend a planned celebration in France on July 26 for the 65th birthday of exiled brother and former prime minister Thaksin who was ousted in a 2006 coup.

Many key figures of Yingluck's Pheu Thai Party have reportedly sought permission from NCPO to attend the celebration.


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