MIC Youth To Provide Legal Aid To Pupil Hit By Shoe

KUALA LUMPUR, July 16 (Bernama) -- MIC Youth will provide legal assistance to a Year Two pupil M.Sharmini to file a civil suit against a teacher who threw a shoe at her, hurting her face.

Its chief C. Sivarraajh, said a notice of claim would be issued to the teacher, school and the Education Ministry to get feedback on the matter within 14 days before the case would be filed in court.

"Legal aid will be provided free of charge to help the family advocate their rights and to ensure the offender who has caused injury to Sharmini is appropriately punished for his action.

"We have yet to determine the amount of the suit. But what is important is to teach a lesson to all teachers not to do the same," he told reporters at a press conference which was also attended by Sharmini's parents, here, Wednesday.

Recently, Sharmini, 8, received three stitches on her forehead after being hit by a shoe thrown by a male teacher in her class.

It is understood that the 9.30am incident occurred at a school in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. The teacher involved is said to have lost his patience with three pupils who were playing in class when he was teaching. He threw a shoe at them and the shoe hit the forehead of one of the pupils.

Sivarraajh said the incident should not have happened because other than causing injury, it also affected the psychology of the pupil concerned.

"We also want to ask the police and the deputy public prosecutor to take the case as a criminal case under Section 324 or Section 325 for voluntarily causing hurt to the student."

Sivarraajh said MIC Youth also urged the Education Ministry to take serious action to ensure that such things would not happen again because it could undermine the credibility of the ministry and the teaching profession.

The teacher, in his 50s, was asked to leave the school and move to Sekolah Kebangsaan Linggi with immediate effect.


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