Johor Introduces 'Jom Bertani' Scheme With RM1 Million Allocation

TANGKAK, July 14 (Bernama) -- The Johor Government will introduce the 'Jom Bertani' scheme for rural residents at household compounds to be launched in September, with a RM1 million allocation.

Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Committee chairman Datuk Ismail Mohammad said the scheme was aimed at reducing the burden of rural folks, following the increase in the price of essential goods.

He said the scheme would be divided into three phases, with the first phase involving cash cultivation, with a fund of RM480,000.

Ismail was speaking to reporters after presenting the Ramadan tithes to the poor at the Bukit Serampang State Assembly Hall Monday.

He said each participant would receive aid of RM500 in the form of seeds, fertiliser and agriculture equipment, with the department suggestion of planting spinach, long beans, galangal and lemon grass.

Ismail added, the second phase which would be launched in October, would involve chicken and fish-rearing, with each participant given RM1,000 in the form of chicks and bran.

He said the third phase, to be launched at the end of the year, involved rearing fish in cages in ponds built next to the homes of participants who would receive RM3,000 in assistance.

"The scheme is aimed at encouraging kampung folks to be involved in agriculture for their own use and sell whatever is surplus so as to increase their income," he said.

On the marketing of the products, he said, 25 Farmer's Association Areas (PPK) in Johor would help to market the surplus products.

He said the PPK would distribute seeds and fertilisers needed by the villagers.


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