Send UN Peacekeeping Force To Gaza Immediately - DMDI

MELAKA, July 12 (Bernama) -- The United Nations (UN) must send its peacekeeping force to Gaza to end the cruel attacks by Israel on the Palestinians there, said the chairman of the Malay Islamic World (DMDI), Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam.

He said as a body responsible for maintaining world peace, the UN should not choose which conflicts it wanted to resolve but should be fair to all countries in the world.

He said the conflict in Gaza currently was not one that involved religion, ethnicity, politics or even the economy but a humanitarian conflict where the innocent people of Palestine, especially the women and children became the victims of the cruelty of the zionist regime.

"The DMDI strongly condemns the persecution that is purposely carried out by Israel each time the month of Ramadan arrives and thus it strongly urged UN to send a peacekeeping force to tackle the conflict and not to be partial," he told Bernama.

Israel had launched a land attack on Gaza in an operation codenamed 'Border Protection Operation' since last Tuesday.

To date, the media reported that at least 81 Palestinians had been killed while hundreds of others were injured in relentless rocket attacks by the Israeli regime on Gaza.

The DMDI is an organisation formed in the year 2000 aimed at uniting and looking after the welfare of the Malays and Muslims throughout the world.

The organisation has 18 member countries including Indonesia, Singapore, China, United Kingdom, South Africa, Bosnia and Holland.


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