1MSAC Studying New System To Fight Longhouse Blaze

JULAU, July 12 (Bernama) -- The 1Malaysia Sarawak Advisory Council (1MSAC) is now studying a possible new system to help longhouse folks in rural areas in the state to fight any outbreak of fire immediately.

1MSAC chairman, Datuk Joseph Salang, said the council was in the midst of collaborating with an engineer, who is a university lecturer, to come up with a better alternative.

"The regular fire extinguisher has its limits such as its shelf life, the need for it to be serviced periodically and the fact that it has got to be used very close to the fire.

"It's not that practical, but it's definitely better than nothing," he told Bernama after officiating a crisis management course attended by approximately 90 RELA officers and members from Kanowit, Julau and Pakan districts here last night.

He said the council was also mulling over the possibility to have a portable water pump plus a suitably big water tank, which should be easy and quick to operate.

"When such a system is available, we hope to recommend it to the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development as an option to better fight longhouse or rural settlement fire," he said.

In his speech earlier, Salang also proposed for RELA to form sub-platoons in longhouses deep in the interior.

"RELA members should be given courses on how to fight longhouse or bush fires, how to do search and rescue operation, crowd control, simple life-saving techniques and what to do in the face for natural calamity like floods," he said.

He also said that he believed that with their presence in the event of fire, the severity of the damage could significantly be reduced.

Salang also commended RELA members for always being dedicated to serve the community irrespective of the people's political leaning, race or religion.


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