Three-Month-old Elephant Captured In Lanchang

TEMERLOH, July 11 (Bernama) -- The National Elephant Conservation Centre caught a three-month-old elephant in Lanchang yesterday afternoon. The 98kg male pachyderm was captured while roaming in the jungle fringes near the Lanchang Plantation at 12.30pm. The centre's elephant conservation unit head, Nasaruddin Othman said: "After receiving information on the calf, we sent a team and managed to catch it. "We took the calf in a special truck to the elephant rehabilitation centre in Kampung Kuala Gandah, Lanchang about 6.20pm yesterday. "We believe the elephant was lost after it was separated from its mother," he said when contacted here Friday. He did not rule out the possibility the calf was from a herd which included five wild elephants which had wandered into Desa Bakti Batu Tujuh Jalan Karak last week. Nasaruddin said currently, the baby elephant was separated from the other elephants at the conservation centre, and was being taken care by two elephant experts. "The baby elephant is being fed with 16 litres of milk daily," he added. -- BERNAMA

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