Gaza: Israeli Attacks Hamper M'sian Humanitarian Aid For Palestinians

Mohd Faizal Hassan

KUALA LUMPUR, July 11 (Bernama) -- Relentless attacks by the Isreali regime on Gaza in the past few days is hampering the humanitarian aid mission of Malaysian non-governmental organisations (NGO) to assist Palestinians during Ramadan.

Two NGOs, Aman Palestine and Global Peace Mission (GPM) Malaysia told Bernama their efforts to send essential items such as food, clothes and medicine were affected in terms of logistics and transportation, as well as communication, following the attacks.

While condemning the action, the two NGOs said they needed to change their plans, following the air strikes by Israel.

GPM president Mohamad Raimi Abd Rahim said GPM used to send aid for Ramadan preparation to about 1,000 Gaza residents, and the second phase of delivery would be sent soon.

"Our project with our partners there, will continue despite the situation getting more uncertain. "We have prepared our assistance for the second phase, which should be sent by July 15. We hope stability will return to facilitate delivery," he said.

It was reported that hundreds of air strikes were launched by the Israeli regime in the last few days on Gaza, killing and injuring hundreds of Palestinians, including children.

Commenting on the cooperation among Malaysian NGOs in Gaza, Mohamad Raimi said they intended to embark on long-term projects such as building infrastructure for the Palestinians.

"Currently, there are almost 10 Malaysian NGOs working in crisis-hit areas such Afganistan, Bosnia and Syria," he added.

In this regard, Media Aman Palestine director, Anas Abdul Wahab said the Israeli air strikes were anticipated based on past experience.

"We have information from our partners there that our assistance is urgently needed. Recently, we sent RM500,000 there for Ramadan preparations and we hope to obtain RM5 million through the Gaza Emergency Fund which was launched earlier," he said.

For further information, the public can contact the NGOs or donate to help the Palestinians at


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