Ali Imran Mohd Noordin

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) - "Based on the information from the black box, we can re-enact the final two hours of flight MH370," said an aviation principal specialist Baha Rudin Abd Latif.

Baha Rudin was referring to the flight data recorder (FDR) and the cockpit voice recorder (CVR), that make up what is known in the layman's term as the black box.

By Elmi Rizal Alias

JAKARTA (Bernama) -- The recent general election in Indonesia provided a new perspective of the electoral process in the world's third biggest democracy after India and the European Union.

Unlike in Malaysia, the experience one undergoes during the election process to choose parliamentarians and local representatives is something totally different, laid back, simple and orderly.

By Nurul Halawati Azhari

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- Since 1950s, children born in Malaysia have been enjoying good healthcare through the numerous healthcare facilities and programmes available throughout the country.

By Siti Nur Suraya Ali

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- Buying a property nowadays appears to be a daunting task especially with the property prices escalating beyond the affordability of most people.

By Wan Shahara Ahmad Ghazali

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) - Rice is the main staple of some 70 percent of Malaysians.

Around 145,000 paddy farmers work on approximately 300,000 hectares of paddy fields nationwide to cater to their needs.

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- The baggy pants, white face make-up, the top hat or the skull cap and above all the trademark red spherical nose are all synonymous with the clowns that appear in the circus, carnivals and birthday parties.