News List Thursday July 31, 2014
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  1. Australia To Hold National Memorial Service For Flight MH17 Disaster Victims
  2. No Safety Concerns After MAS Incident In Adelaide
  3. 4,413 Cases Of Open Burning Detected This Year - Palanivel
  4. Luas Stats Show Water Below Minimum Level At Two Selangor Dams
  5. Najib Flies In To Netherlands For Discussions Over MAS Flight MH17 Disaster
  6. Traffic Slow Moving At Noon
  7. MIC Demands Apology From Preacher Over Alleged Derogatory Remarks
  8. Combined Wayang Kulit, Japanese Puppet Show Performance Thrills Tokyo Audience
  9. Unicef Calls For End Of Gaza Conflict For The Children's Sake
  10. NLAF Receives Overwhelming Public Response In Two Years Of Operation
  11. Air Quality Nationwide Sees Improvement
  12. Seventy Coffins Of MH17 Victims Has Undergone DVI Process - Dr Subramaniam
  13. Traffic Flow Smooth In The Morning
  14. Strong Winds, Rough Seas Until Tuesday
  15. Ministry To Make Funeral Arrangement For Victims Without Next-of-Kin
  16. Morocco Determined To Improve Ties With Malaysia

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