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February 14, 2018 21:55 PM

Michelle Yeoh's One Word In Star Trek Promotes Langkawi

By Hamdan Ismail

LANGKAWI, Feb 14 (Bernama) -- The promotion of Langkawi had moved to 'space hyperdrive', when it was mentioned in the latest American science fiction television series, Star Trek: Discovery.

Captain Philippa Georgiou is suddenly becoming a household name in Langkawi, not for being a famous mariner who had just landed but for claiming in one of the series that she came from the island.

Georgiou is actually a character played by Malaysian superstar Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh in the series and when she mentioned Langkawi in the scene, it stirred excitements among the island people and the clip had gone viral on the social media.

The shout-out, eventhough brief, came as a good promotion and raised more interests to come to the island, said Langkawi Bumiputera Entrepreneurs Organisation (Usahabumi) Secretary, Ahmad Phisol Ishak.

"It is really excellent and appreciated so that more and more tourists will come," he told Bernama.

For 54-year-old tourism player, Ilias Ismail, the dialogue mentioning Langkawi in the series came as a satisfaction for him, considering the popularity of Star Trek as well as Yeoh being an international superstar.

"We have been enjoying visits by tourists from Russia, United Kingdom and China (to name a few) and with the introduction by Michelle Yeoh would make Langkawi even more famous)," he said to Bernama.

Other than being destination of choice for tourists around the world, the naturally beautiful Langkawi had been a preferred location for film makers and television series producers from within and outside Malaysia.



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