• Ensure effectiveness of the internal control and operational monitoring system.

  • Review the degree of compliance to all policies, laws, rules and regulations, which are, enforced by BERNAMA Act, Jabatan Audit Negara and Jabatan Perakaunan Negara.

  • Evaluate the benefits and effectiveness of the utilisation on existing resources, to determine opportunities in order to improve resources utilizations as well as to suggest ways to overcome related conflicts and problems.

  • Review the control system implemented on assets and to verify the existence of an asset as well as ensuring that the BERNAMA's asset is taken care of from losses, fraud and abuse.

  • Report to Audit Committee on audit findings and taking further action on matters arising.

  • Submit annual audit plan to Audit Committee for consideration and approval.

  • Synchronizes the work between internal and external auditors.

  • Review organizational operations and programs implementation and to guarantee that the findings correspond with the objectives that have been decided upon, whether they have been executed as planned.

  • Submit quarterly report to the Audit Committee.

  • Revise and evaluate systematically the perfectness, ability, alertness, efficiency and economical of all the operations in every unit in BERNAMA.

  • Proposed steps to improve operations of all units in BERNAMA


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