Management Audit focuses on managing and using source of BERNAMA, assets, staff and other resources. It is an objective and analytical assessment towards efficiency and effectiveness in handling existing resources.


Financial/Accounting Audit emphasizes on organization matters and regulations stipulated for accounting and internal control. The aim is to ensure payments are made accurately and items are accounted for and control accordingly. Auditing is to ensure the account system and records are complete and reliable so that the higher management can obtain accurate information within a short period of time.


Performance Audit was held to improve accountability, economical and effective resource acquisition, upgrade level of effectiveness in order to achieve the objectives also to improve the quality of public services and to upgrade planning as well as management control.

Information technology

Information Technology audit was a double check for control in information technology infrastructure. It was a process of collecting and evaluating evidence of an organization's information systems, practice and operation. It was to determine either information technology system are safeguarding assets, maintain data integrity to achieve the goal and objective of organization.

Special Audit

Special Audit covers financial and management scopes for handling some cases and solving problems. It is an investigation subsequent from complaints and order from Audit Committee or General Manager from time to time.


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