Credibility and assurance

BERNAMA Internal Auditor should assure all parties that they are reliable in doing their auditing works. For that purposes, BERNAMA Internal Auditor should possesses high level of integrity and honesty, sincere and supremacy in all matters so that all audit's evaluations and observations are accepted by all level of management.


BERNAMA Internal Auditor are responsible to obey all professional code conduct, upholding a high standard of auditing in planning and executing their jobs and reporting the findings of the audit.


BERNAMA Internal Auditor must have initiatives to upgrade level of  knowledge, creativity and skills at all times to ensure the continuous improvement in the quality of their work.

Self discipline

BERNAMA Internal Auditor must have high self-discipline that would reflect professionalism. Should assert positive values in themselves such
as practicing the culture of being grateful, responsible, tolerant and judicious besides avoiding any action that could affect audit profession.


BERNAMA Internal Auditor must never disclose any audit findings neither literally nor verbally to any parties unless told to do so by General Manager.

Good Governance

To be more effective, BERNAMA Internal Auditoror must practice good governance in auditing process and alert to the functions of the internal controls and risk management.


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