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The website was made to convey brief information to users about the Internal Audit Unit's functions and responsibilities. With the information displayed, hopefully, it is able to provide clear explanation and useful guidelines to all parties.

In-line with Pekeliling Perbendaharaan Bil. 2/1979, this unit was established in order to help BERNAMA achieve its goals and objectives. Internal Audit Unit is responsible in helping management to improve internal control system and strengthen the integrity in every activity through systematic and disciplined approach towards compliance with all related acts and regulations.


Improve work quality and compliance with the law, so BERNAMA could move accordingly with environmental changes and improve the level of on-going competency.

Upgrade accountability and to ensure the use of resources are economical, efficient and effective without affecting quality of services provided through professional and independence auditing.


  • The Internal Audit Unit is responsible for reporting the findings straight to Audit Committee, while all administrative work be reported straightly to General Manager.

  • The Internal Audit Unit is responsible for undertaking an independent evaluation.

  • The Internal Audit Unit has the authority to have access to all records and documents that are relevant to its functions.

  • The Internal Audit Unit can get professional advice if needed.

  • The Internal Audit Unit can call a meeting with head of unit/department and external auditor if necessary.


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